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Toshiba Satellite 2180 CDT
Toshiba Satellite 2180 CDT
Toshiba Satellite 2180 CDT
»โน๊ตบุ๊ค Satellite 2180 CDT จาก Toshiba
» สนับสนุน CPU AMD K6-II 475 MHz processor
» สนับสนุนหน่วยความจำ 64 MB
» สนับสนุนเนื้อที่การใช้งานของ Hard Disk 4.3 GB
» สนับสนุนจอแสดงผลขนาด 12.1" TFT
» สนับสนุน 24X CD-ROM
» มีหน่วยความจำกราฟฟิก 2 MB SGRAM
» สนับสนุน speakers (stereo) ได้ดี

  Toshiba Satellite 2180 CDT Customer Review
Customer Review
  Product  File
Satellite 2180.pdf
  Toshiba Satellite 2180 CDT Product Specification
Processor AMD
Processor Detail AMD K6-II
Processor Speed 475
Amt RAM (MB) 64
Max RAM (MB) 192
Hard Disk (GB) 4.3
CDROM Type 24X CD-ROM Drive
Graphic Chip Detail 2
LCD Techology TFT LCD Display
Natural Resolution 800 x 600 พิกเซล
Max Color at Natural Resolution 16.7 ล้านสี
Max Resolution 1280 x 1024 พิกเซล
Max Color at Max Resolution 256 K
Number of Serial Ports 1
Number of USB Ports 1
Expansion Device Included Yes
Expansion Device Available Support PS/2 mouse and keyboard, DC-in, Headphone and Line-in
Floppy Drive Include Yes
Floppy Drive Location Internal
Number of Parallel Ports 1 ช่อง
Number Of Pc Card Slots 1 Type III or 2 Type II
Sound Hardware Yes
Built-in Microphone No
Built-in Speaker Yes
Mono Or Stereo Stereo
Modem Include No
Network Include No
Dimension (WxDxH) 12.1" x 10.1" x 1.6"
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Life (hr) 2 ชั่วโมง
Ac Power Supply Yes
Pointing Device Type AccuPoint
Other Support Processor AMD K6-II 475 processor with 3DNow! technology
Support Display Controller S3 ViRGE/MX
Support Security Kensington Cable Lock port, Power on Password, Supervisor Password, Keyboard Lock and Screen Blank
Support Software Windows 98, Toshiba Companion and Windows Utility
Warranty 1 year

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