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Mitsui DVD-R 4.7GB
Mitsui DVD-R 4.7GB
Mitsui DVD-R 4.7GB    
Mitsui DVD-R 4.7GB
»ความจุ 4.7 GB
»เส้นผ่านศูนย์กลางแผ่น 120 mm
»ความหนาแผ่น 15 mm

  Mitsui DVD-R 4.7GB Customer Review
Customer Review
  Mitsui DVD-R 4.7GB Product Specification
Capacity 34.7GB
Other ? Mitsui Advanced Media's DVD-Recordable Discs are highly specialized, write-once DVD-R media for massive data storage and retrieval. Mitsui's advanced technology and patented organic dye formulation have produced our current single-sided DVD-R 3.95GB disc, and have extended this single-sided discs capacity to a full 4.7GB disc which will be available second quarter of 1999. Both discs will be suitable for the authoring of any kind of DVD disc (DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, Audio). Stored at room temperature, Mitsui DVD*R discs' expected lifespan is in excess of 100 years.
Substrate : Polycaarbonate
Recording Material : Organic Dye
Reflective Layer : Gold
Reflectivity : 50%
Optimum Recording Power : 10.0mW
114/114H : 0.65
13/114 : 0.25
Jitter : <7.5%
PI Error : <100

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