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Opt Porta Power
Opt Porta Power
Opt Porta Power
» never run out of power when there's no electricity
» This pack includes below Multi-Charge device connectors

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Customer Review
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Other Multi-Charge Device connectors

Make the most of those business trips, long flights and outdoors events with this fully featured portable rechargeable power source

Large Power Reserve

Opt Porta Power is a massive 3000mA Lithium ion polymer battery power source which delivers up to 3 times more usage than a standard charge to portable electronics devices like mobile phones, PMP, PDA, gaming consoles, etc.

Simultaneous Charging Technology

Porta Power intelligently controls charges to automatically distribute power between the internal battery and any attached device. This intelligent circuit will divert more power to the attached device, so it can be fully re-charged first, thereafter delivering the remaining power to finish charging the Porta Power, eliminating the need to carry or use any additional chargers.

Battery Meter

Porta Power has a built-in meter to display how much battery power is left.

Off Mode

Unlike many other simpliar products in market which drains the internal battery in standby mode, Porta Power features a off mode which conserves all battery power for charging the device.
Warranty 6 months

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