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Infant Optics Video Monitoring System
Infant Optics Video Monitoring System
Infant Optics Video Monitoring System Infant Optics Video Monitoring System Infant Optics Video Monitoring System
Infant Optics Video Monitoring System Infant Optics Video Monitoring System Infant Optics Video Monitoring System
Infant Optics Video Monitoring System    
Infant Optics Video Monitoring System
»หน้าจอสีขนาด 2.4" สามารถพกพาได้ง่าย
»ระยะการใช้งาน 800 feet ในที่โล่ง และ 250 feet ในที่บ้าน
»ความถี่ Digital 2.4ghz wireless transmission - 100% static-free and 100% privacy
»ระบบ IR night vision สำหรับใช้งานที่มืดและกลางคืน
»ระบบช่วยประหยัดแบตเตอรี่ Standby เมื่อไม่มีความเคลื่อนไหว และเปิดใช้งานอัตโนมัติเมื่อมีเสียงรบกวนหรือการสัมผัส

  Infant Optics Video Monitoring System Customer Review
Customer Review
  Infant Optics Video Monitoring System Product Specification
Other Don't miss a thing!

A large 2.4 TFT screen with super sensitive built in microphone so you capture each and every precious moment. In full color!
Night vision

Night vision, so you can keep an eye on your baby even when they are sleeping up to 10ft away. When lights go down, the automatic IR vision turns on and the system adjusts to the level of light.
See even below

Infant Optics DXR-5 comes with a vertical mount stand so the camera can be tilted to see from above!
Easy set up

Sets up in minutes! 3 Simple steps and you are good to go!
Super lightweight

Built of lightweight plastic composite, the unit is made to be extremely light weight making it effortless to carry the unit around at home. Our production ethic is to use minimal material to keep our world greener.
800 ft open area reception

The Infant Optics baby monitor system boasts 2.4 GHz static free (digital) wireless transmission covering distances of up to 800 feet in open areas (150ft enclosed areas1).
Stand included

The DXR-5 comes with a handy camera stand and can be wall mounted as well so you can easily view your baby in its crib as well as see all other parts of the nursery. Screws included.
Interference free

Which means no annoying white noise and static. The wireless baby monitor eliminates interference from other wireless household devices like cordless phones, video game controllers and wireless routers.
Energy Efficient

The power adapters save you on energy while saving the environment. They are up to 30% more energy efficient than other conventional power adapters.
Stay connected all the time

The Infant Optics video baby monitor system is handy and portable and because it can run on batteries.

The Infant Optics wireless baby monitor comes with the option to connect up to 4 camera units. So if you are thinking of expanding your family, the Infant Optics baby monitor system walks with you.
VOX (Voice activation)

With the low volume auto mute feature and VOX (voice activation battery saving), you can be sure to get a good nights sleep knowing the baby monitor will be on all night.
Long range and secure

FHSS (Automatic Frequency Hoping System) - jumps between different channels in the 2.4 GHz range which virtually 'encrypts' the data ensuring others will not be intercepting your precious video and audio feed.
Rechargeable monitor unit

Along with power saving features, the integrated rechargeable battery ensures long battery life for up to 3 - 4 hours of monitoring.2
Peace of mind

1Optimum range is 150ft when signal is passing through walls or floors. Microwave ovens (when in use) may cause signal disruption at close range. Buildings with metal fram

Monitor Unit Display: 2.4" TFT color display at 320x240 resolution
Audio: 1 W
Frequency: 2400 – 2483 MHz (auto-tuned by FHSS)
Pairing: Supports up to 4 Camera Units simultaneously
Switches: Power, Pairing, Volume +/- (10 steps increment), Brightness +/- (6 steps increment)
LED Status Indicator Power (green), low battery (flashing green), signal coverage (blue), poor reception (flashing blue), battery charging (red)
Activation: Manual OR voice triggered (VOX)
OSD: Brightness, volume, pairing selection
Battery: Rechargeable high performance lithium battery
A/C power: 6V 1A DC adaptor
Mounting options: Self-standing OR waist clip
Camera Unit: CMOS Sensor 1/6" VGA, 640x480
Lens: F/No 1.8, EFL 2.95mm, BFL 2.488mm
Night vision: 8x IR LED
LED: Power
Vertical angle: 0 – 90o
Lateral angle: +/- 15o
Microphone: Built-in high sensitivity gain microphone
A/C power: 6V 1A DC adaptor
Mounting options: Table top OR wall mounted OR upright-stand mounted

Box Included

1 x Monitor Display Unit
1 x Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
1 x Camera Unit
1 x Camera Mount
2 x Power Adapters
1 x English Instruction Manual
1 Year warranty
24/7 Lifetime Technical Support

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