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BandLuxe BandLuxe C100
BandLuxe BandLuxe C100
BandLuxe BandLuxe C100
»-Worldwide Roaming
»-Support 2G,3G and 3.5G standards
»-USB,ExpressCard or PCMCIA slot
»-Microsoft Windows Vista, XP SP2+, 2000 SP4+, Mac OSX (10.4.X Intel based CPU)
»-Does not interface with other USB peripherals
»-Six language interface English, French, Germany, Italian, Spain, T. Chinese
»-Plug & Play functionality
»-Dual Antennas

  BandLuxe BandLuxe C100 Customer Review
Customer Review
  BandLuxe BandLuxe C100 Product Specification
Product Compatibility Specifications

System Requirements

Operating Stytem: Windows 2000 SP4+,XP SP2+,Vista and Mac OSX 1.4 Tiger (MacBook Pro)

Hard Drive Spec: 30MB

Web Browser:Internet Explorer 6.0+

Interface:ExpressCard slot, 2USB ports or PCMCIA slot

Other Dimension (LxWxH, mm):119.6 x 42 x 11.25(antenna included)

Weight (g):around 40g(w/o USB adaptor)

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