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Phoenix Phoenix Audio Technologies
Phoenix Phoenix Audio Technologies
Phoenix Phoenix Audio Technologies
»No tuning required – It adapts and tunes itself to your individual room characteristics
»Interoperability - Can work as the beam forming front end for other manufacturers’ systems
»Bridging – You can bridge your various network connections together onto a single call
»Flexibility – The ability to daisy chain any number of units allows for a vast combination of
»microphones and network interfaces
»USB Compatible – Each rack comes with built in USB communications, allowing VOIP conferencing
»and easy recording options from our free recording utility
»De-Reverb - Eliminates room reverberations such as indirect voice signals reflecting off of walls
»Multi sensor processing - Utilizes the acoustic information from more than one sensor to come up
»with information that does not exist in the single element
» Noise Reduction-A - Eliminates stationary noises like fans and air conditioners
»Noise Reduction-B -Eliminates non-stationary noises like door slams and key strokes
»You choose the mics – Works with virtually any professional microphone
»Rack Mount or Credenza – Comes with detachable rack ears and padded feet for placement
»Two Year Warranty – Twice the industry standard

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Phoenix Audio Technologies
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