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Avaya B179 SIP
Avaya B179 SIP
Avaya B179 SIP
»หน้าจอแสดงผล Illuminated graphics LCD ขนาด 128x64 พิกเซล
»รองรับการเข้ารหัสส่งผ่านข้อมูลแบบ UDP, TCP, TLS และ SIPS
»รองรับการทำงานของเสียงในรูปแบบ G722, G711 A-law, G711 μ-law, G729ab
»รองรับการเชื่อมต่อผ่าน Ethernet RJ45 AUX (headset/PA)

  Avaya B179 SIP Customer Review
Customer Review
  Avaya B179 SIP Product Specification
Audio Data ° OmniSound® Wideband via USB.
° Omnidirectional microphone.
° Pick-Up Range: Up to 320 sq ft
> 10 people
° Speakers: frequency range:
200–7000 Hz
° Volume: Max 90 db SPL 0.5 m
° Equalizer: soft, neutral and bright.
Speaker frequency range: 200–7000 Hz
LAN Port Ethernet: RJ45 AUX (headset/PA)
Power Power over Ethernet IEE 802.3af
LCD Dimension 128 x 64 pixels
Dimension 240 x 77
Weight 2.2 lb
Other ° OmniSound® — powerful crystal clear sound to provide seamless productivity
° SIP based for powerful integration with Avaya Aura as well as third party networks, also supports PoE
° Web-based configuration to import/export contacts and settings
° A Conference Guide that easily helps you set up group calls with the touch of a button
° Optional expansion microphones that increase range (and number of participants) up to 750 sq ft
° SD-memory card to record your meetings and conference calls for playback or to archive for later use
° A Phone Book for quick access to your key contacts
° User profiles for storing personal contact details and settings
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