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Atec i-KON 502
Atec i-KON 502
Atec i-KON 502
»1.5 GHz AMD Athlon XP processor 266MHz FSB
»Mainboard VIA KLE133 socket A
»3 PCI, 2 DIMM, 2 USB
»Memory 128 MB SDRAM PC133 MHz Maximum 1 GB
»Harddisk 20 GB
»Graphics 8 MB SDRAM [share] Trident Blade 3D 2X AGP
»15" ATEC monitor resolution 1024x768
»52X speed CD-ROM drive
»AC'97 Audio PCI Sound Integrated on board
»1.44 MB floppy drive built-in
»107 keys ATEC internet keyboard and mouse [PS/2]
»ATX mini tower case

  Atec i-KON 502 Customer Review
Customer Review
  Atec i-KON 502 Product Specification
Mfr No A3K-954111
Processor AMD Athlon
Processor Speed 1.5GHz
Amt RAM 128MB
Max RAM (MB) 1GB
Main Board VIA KLE133
Hard Disk (GB) 20
Interface of Hard Disk IDE / EIDE
Type Hardisk Ultra ATA/100
Rotational Speed (rpm) 5400
Other drive Include FDD 1.44 MB 3.5"
AGP Slot None
Number of PCI Slots 3
Number of ISA Slots None
Number of Serial Ports 1
Number of USB Ports 2
Number of Parallel Ports 1
Amt Video RAM (MB) 8MB
Model Graphic 8 MB (share) Trident Blad 3D 2X AGP
Monitor size (inch) 15" Atec Monitor
Dot/Strip Pitch 1024 x 768
SoundCard Include มี
Model SoundCard AC 97 Audio
Speaker 300 วัตต์ PMPO stereo speaker
Modem ไม่มี
Network Include ไม่มี
Case Type ATX
Power Supply (Watt) 300 Watts
Launch 16/01/2002
Warranty 3 ปี

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