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HP Vectra Xe310 (P7263A)
HP Vectra Xe310 (P7263A)
HP Vectra Xe310 (P7263A)
»Intel Celeron 1.3 GHz
»Memory 128 MB and Maximum Memory 512 MB SDRAM
»Mainboard Intel 810e Chipset
»Harddisk 40 GB
»Intel 810e Graphic Direct AGP 4MB
»AC '97 codec Audio
»10/100 Lancard (Intel)
»3 PCI, 2 USB, 1 Parallel and 1 Serial
»HP Monitor 15"
»Windows XP HomeThai
»Dimensions 8.3" x 14.4" x 14.4"
»Wieght 10kg

  HP Vectra Xe310 (P7263A) Customer Review
Customer Review
  HP Vectra Xe310 (P7263A) Product Specification
Mfr No P7263A
Processor Intel Celeron
Processor Speed 1.3GHz
Amt RAM 128MB
Max RAM (MB) 512MB
Main Board Intel 810E
Hard Disk (GB) 40
Interface of Hard Disk IDE / EIDE
Type Hardisk DMA/ATA-66 (Ultra)
Rotational Speed (rpm) 5400
Other drive Include FDD 1.44 MB 3.5"
AGP Slot Yes
Number of PCI Slots 3
Number of ISA Slots None
Number of Serial Ports 1
Number of USB Ports 2
Number of Parallel Ports 1
Amt Video RAM (MB) 4MB
Model Graphic Intel 815 Integrated Graphic Driect AGP with 4MB
Monitor size (inch) HP 15" (H1-D8897A)
Dot/Strip Pitch 1024 x 768
SoundCard Include มี
Model SoundCard AC 97 Audio
Speaker No
Modem ไม่มี
Network Include 10/100 Lancard (Intel)
Case Type ATX
Other Support cahe 128 KB level-2 internal to processor
Support I/O port Mini-DIN keyboard and mouse ports, One 15-pin VGA connector, MIDI/joystick port, stereo input and output jacks, mono microphone input jack
Support operating system Microsoft Windows XP Home Thai
Support dimensions 8.3" x 14.4" x 14.4"
Support weight 10kg
Warranty 3 ปี

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