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Atec Premier 1000e
Atec Premier 1000e
Atec Premier 1000e    
Atec Premier 1000e
»Dual 1800+ AMD Athlon XP processor [2 CPU]
»AMD762 dual-socket A, 5 PCI, 1 AGP Pro, 4 DDR
»256 MB DDR RAM PC2100 [Life time warranty]
»40 GB harddisk 7,200rpm ATA100, 2MB buffer
»64 MB SDR 256-bit GeForce 2 MX-400 4x AGP [GB]
»17" ATEC real flat monitor 0.25mm, res. 1280x1024 at 70Hz
»32x12x40 speed CD-RW drive
»AC´97 Audio PCI Sound Integrated on board
»56Kbps V.92 internal fax modem [Accton]
»1.44 MB floppy drive built-in [P-klass]
»104 keys ATEC stylish keyboard [ P-klass ]
»ATEC stylish scroll mouse [PS/2]
»ATEC Premier ATX tower case
»300 watts ATX switching power supply, FCC UL [Astec]
»CPU cooling fan up to Athlon XP 1800+ [Cooler Master]
»Extra cooling case fan sleeve type [Cooler Master]
»300 watts PMPO. stereo speaker
»3 years limited warranty carry in on-shop service

  Atec Premier 1000e Customer Review
Customer Review
  Atec Premier 1000e Product Specification
Mfr No 926-205
Processor Dual AMD Athlon
Processor Speed 1.8GHz
Amt RAM 256MB
Main Board AMD762 dual-socket A
CD ROM CD-RW 32X/12X/40X
Hard Disk (GB) 40
Interface of Hard Disk EIDE
Type Hardisk DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra)
Rotational Speed (rpm) 7200
Other drive Include FDD 1.44 MB 3.5"
AGP Slot Yes
Number of PCI Slots 5
Number of ISA Slots None
Number of Serial Ports 2
Number of USB Ports 4
Number of Parallel Ports 1
Amt Video RAM (MB) 64MB
Model Graphic GeForce 2 MX-400 4x AGP
Monitor size (inch) 17" Atec Monitor Real Flat
Dot/Strip Pitch 1280 x 1024
SoundCard Include มี
Model SoundCard AC 97 Audio PCI Sound Integrated on board
Speaker 300 วัตต์ PMPO stereo speaker
Modem Accton 56 Kbps V.92
Network Include ไม่มี
Case Type ATX
Power Supply (Watt) 300 Watts
Launch 17/05/2002
Other Support DDR RAM PC2100
Support 104 keys ATEC stylish keyboard
Support ATEC stylish scroll mouse (PS/2)
Warranty 3 ปี

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