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Acer Altos 500
Acer Altos 500
Acer Altos 500
»Intel® Pentium® III Processor 733 MHz แคช(Cache) ขนาด 256 KB Level 2 on-chip
»ฮาดร์ดิส ขนาด 9.1GB Ultra2 SCSI 7,200 rpm พร้อม Adaptec AHA 2940U2 SCSI
»หน่วยความจำ(RAM)ขนาด 128 MB Registered SDRAM ECC (PC-133)
»สามารถ Upgrade หน่วยความจำ(RAM) ได้สูงสุดถึง 768 MB( 3 x DIMM sockets )
»สนับสนุนระบบบัส(Bus)แบบ PCI Ultra DMA 33
»ใช้ Network interface card (NIC) แบบ 10/100 Mbps Wake-On-Lan ethernet

  Acer Altos 500 Customer Review
Customer Review
  Acer Altos 500 Product Specification
CPU Intel® Pentium® III Processor
Additonal processor Installed 1
Total Processor Supported 1
Amt RAM 128 MB
Max Memory 768 MB
ECC Support Yes
Number of Hard Disk Include 1
Total of Capacity of HardDisk 9.1 GB
Interface of Hard Disk SCSI
Type Interface Harddisk Ultra2 SCSI
Number of PCI Slots 3
Number of shared PCI/ISA Slots 1
Other Ports Serial, Parallel, USB and PS/2
Floppy Drive Include Yes
CD-ROM Drive Include Yes
Speed of CD-ROM Drive 40 X
Interface of CD-ROM Drive IDE
Network Include Yes
Number of Network Interface Cards 1
Type Network 10/100 PCI Lan Card Wake On LAN
Type Port Network PCI
Power Supply (Watt) 280 W
Onsite Service Yes
Software Include Acer EasyBUILD for quick server configuration
Acer Advanced Server Manager (ASM) Pro and WebASM
Cheyenne InocuLAN for Netware and NT
Other Intel® Pentium® III Processor 733 MHz256 KB L2 Cache, FSB 133 MHz, FC-PGA
128 MB Registered SDRAM ECC (PC-133)
9.1 GB Ultra 2 SCSI 7,200 rpm HDD
System memory upgradable to 768 MB ( 3 x DIMM sockets )
AGP VGA 4MB 1024 x 768 Max. resolution
Adaptec AHA 2940U2 SCSI
Integrated PCI enhanced Ultra DMA 33 IDE controller
5 Front-access, half-height storage bays
2 Internal-access HDD bays
3 PCI, 1 ISA, 1 PCI/ISA and 1 AGP expansion slots

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