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Compaq ProLiant DL580
Compaq ProLiant DL580
Compaq ProLiant DL580
»DL580 Model Description
»Model DL580R01 X900-2M (two processors)
»Ships standard with two 900MHz-2M L2 cache processors, dual 450W hot plug, redundant power supplies, and 1024MB ECC SDRAM with Advanced ECC Memory functionality
»Maximum performance for large business applications:
»Support for up to four Intel Pentium III Xeon 900MHz processors
»1GB PC100 ECC SDRAM with Advanced ECC Memory functionality
»Highly available configuration for 7x24 environments:
»Dual 450W hot plug, redundant power supplies are fully load sharing
»Support for new high availability, SAN, networking and security options, including:
»The Smart Array 5300 128 Cache Module with RAID Advanced Data Guarding (ADG)
»SAN Access Module for Smart Array 5302
»Smart Array 5302/Fibre Channel Controller
»The StorageWorks Fibre Channel Switch (8-EL and 16-EL)
»Fibre Channel SAN Switch (8-port and 16-port) w/Fabric Operating Software
»Compaq NC7131 Gigabit Server Adapter 64b/66MHz Copper
»Compaq NC6136 Gigabit Server Adapter 64b/66MHz Fibre
»The Compaq AXL 300 Accelerator PCI Card

  Compaq ProLiant DL580 Customer Review
Customer Review
  Compaq ProLiant DL580 Product Specification
Mfr No 155618-373
CPU Intel® Pentium® III Xeon™ processor
Additonal processor Installed 2
Total Processor Supported 4
Amt RAM 1024 MB
Max Memory 16 GB
ECC Support Yes
Number of Hard Disk Include 1
Total of Capacity of HardDisk No
Max Internal Hard Disk Storage 219 GB
Number of PCI Slots 6
Floppy Drive Include Yes
CD-ROM Drive Include Yes
Interface of CD-ROM Drive EDIE
Network Include Yes
Number of Network Interface Cards 1
Power Supply (Watt) 450 watts
Onsite Service 1 year
Warranty 1 year

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