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FIC FA15T    
»เป็นเมนบอร์ดสำหรับ Intel® Pentium® III/Intel® Celeron™และ VIA C3™
»ใช้ชิพเซ็ต VIA 694T (Tualatin Support) & 686B
»สนับสนุนหน่วยความจำแบบ PC100/133 SDRAM 3 แถว
»สามารถเพิ่มหน่วยความจำได้สูงสุด 1.5 GB
»มี Sound AC'97 Audio OnBoard
»ATX 4 Layer PCB 12" x 8.6"

  FIC FA15T Customer Review
Customer Review
  FIC FA15T Product Specification
Chipset Northbridge VIA 694T (Tualatin Support) & 686B
Interface Socket 370
CPU Support Intel® Celeron™ FCPGA 433~700 MHz @66MHz FSB
Intel® Celeron™ FCPGA 800 MHz and up* @100MHz FSB
Intel® Pentium® III FCPGA 800/850 MHz @100 MHz FSB
Intel® Pentium® III FCPGA 800Mhz ~ 1.1GHz and up* @ 133 MHz FSB
VIA C3™ 550~700 MHz @ 100 MHz FSB
VIA C3™ 533~667 and up* MHz @ 133 MHz FSB
Number of processor supported 1
Memory Type SDRAM
memory Sockets 2 สล็อต
IDE Ports 2 UltraDMA100 / 66 / 33
Expension Slots 1 AGP slot (Support 4X AGP)
5 PCI slots
1 CNR slot
Video Include No
Sound Include AC 97 Audio
SCSI controller On-board No
Network controller On-board No
Serial ports 2 พอร์ต
Parallel port 1 พอร์ต
PS/2 mouse/keybord ports 2 x PS/2 keyboard & mouse connectors
USB Ports 2 x USB2.0/1.1 Ports
Form Factor ATX Form Factor
Other Supports SDRAM, and VCM SDRAM memory types
SupportsBus Frequency 66/100/133MHz FSB
Voltage regulation by dip switch for overclocking
ACPI (Wake on Lan/ Wake on Ring/ Power fail/ Remote on/off)
Suspend to RAM
2 USB connectors and 2 front USB pin-headers
1 media connector( MIDI/Game port, Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in)
Warranty รับประกัน 1 ปี

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