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MicroStar MSI 645E Max2
MicroStar MSI 645E Max2
MicroStar MSI 645E Max2

  MicroStar MSI 645E Max2 Customer Review
Customer Review
  MicroStar MSI 645E Max2 Product Specification
Chipset Northbridge SiS 645DX (North Bridge) and SiS 961B (South Bridge)
Interface Socket 478
CPU Support Supports Intel Pentium 4 processor.
• FSB 400/533 MHz
• Supports 1.3 ~ 2.4GHz
Number of processor supported 1
Memory Type DDR SDRAM
memory Sockets 3 สล็อต
IDE Ports 2 Ultra DMA133/100/66
Expension Slots 1 x AGP (2x/4x)
5 x PCI
1 x CNR
Sound Include AC97 CODEC 6 Channel
Serial ports 2 พอร์ต
Parallel port 1 พอร์ต
PS/2 mouse/keybord ports 2 x PS/2 keyboard & mouse connectors
USB Ports 4 Port (2 ช่องOnboardและสามารถต่อเพิ่มได้ 2 Port)
Form Factor ATX Form Factor

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