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Dexxa Dexxa Joystick USB
Dexxa Dexxa Joystick USB
Dexxa Dexxa Joystick USB
»Joystick 4 ปุ่มยิง
»1 ปุ่ม Hat-switch ที่บังคับได้อีก 4 ทิศทาง
»เชื่อมต่อแบบ USB

  Dexxa Dexxa Joystick USB Customer Review
Customer Review
  Dexxa Dexxa Joystick USB Product Specification
Controller Type Joystick
Number Of Buttons 4
Connectors USB
Other 4 button Joystick including Hat Switch/View Finder
Equipped with sophisticated flight & weapon button positions
Hand rest Stick design
Compatible with virtually all IBM PC games
IBM PC 486/ Pentium or compatibles
IBM PC compatible game port
We recommend a multiple game port that supports two or more Joysticks (common on most computers) to enable C & D button function and ViewFinder/HatSwitch on the Joystick
Warranty 0

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