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I-Tech i-Slider
I-Tech i-Slider
I-Tech i-Slider
»The new i.Slider Bluetooth Headset is the first i.Tech headset that comes with a sliding cover that allows users to answer and end calls. Users may also choose to use the multi-function button.
»Its super light weight at 9.5 grams allows you to wear comfortably throughout the day. The unique multipoint technology enables you to connect with two mobile phones at the same time.
»i.Slider is the headset for stylish individual looking for user-friendly gadgets.

  I-Tech i-Slider Customer Review
Customer Review
  I-Tech i-Slider Product Specification
Product Type Bluetooth Headset
Adapter Std Headset -handsfree Profile
Frequency (Hz) 2.4GHz
Antenna Built-in
Receiving Sensitivity 10~20m in open area
Topology Bluetooth specification v2.0 Class 2
Operating System Version 2.0 Class 2
Operating Voltage 5V from connected USB port
Weight Weight: 9.5 grams
Warranty 1 ปี
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