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Jabra BT 125
Jabra BT 125
Jabra BT 125
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»- บลูทูธเวอร์ชั่น 2.0

  Jabra BT 125 Customer Review
Customer Review
  Jabra BT 125 Product Specification
Product Type Bluetooth Headset and Handsfree Profile
Adapter Std Headset -handsfree Profile
Frequency (Hz) 2.4 GHz
Antenna Built-in
Receiving Sensitivity 10~20m in open area
Data Range 10
Topology Bluetooth version 2.0 specifications
Operating System Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
LED Indicator Power
Power Consumption 5V DC, 300mA
Dimensions 51 x 24 x 21
Weight 14 g.
Other Overview

Keep your hand free

Jabra now introduces the Jabra BT125 – a discreet wireless headset for Bluetooth mobile phones. The headset lets you get on with your talking and keep both hands free for whatever else you need them for.

Keep on moving

The Jabra BT125 is the ideal accessory when multi-tasking is the order of the day. You can get on with your jobs and make and take your phone-calls without losing the use of one all-important hand! And when you’re in the car, tackling town with a toddler at your side, or even just making a cup of coffee or ironing your shirt – you can keep on talking without compromising on safety.

Make it simpler

The Jabra BT125 is so light and comfortable that you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it. And its design is so functional, you’ll rarely ever have to touch your mobile phone. What’s more, it couldn’t be easier to pair and operate (see quick start guide).

Take life in both hands. Release your Jabra.


Bluetooth compliance:
Bluetooth version 2.0 specifications

Supported Bluetooth profiles:
Bluetooth headset and hands-free profiles

Operating range:
Up to 10 metres (30 feet)

Talk time:
Up to 8h (subject to phone)

Stand-by time:
Up to 170h

Charging time:
Approximately 2 hours

14 g.

Microphone type:
6mm omni-directional

Battery type:
Rechargeable lithium polymer.

Pairing passkey or PIN:

Supported special features:
• Answer/end call
• Reject call *
• Voice dialing *
• Last number redial *
• Call hold/Call wait *

* Phone dependent

Warranty 1 ปี

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