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X-SPORT BTH-16 headset
X-SPORT BTH-16 headset
X-SPORT BTH-16 headset
The X-SPORT BTH-16 headset is a good-looking Bluetooth headset designed to match cellphone bundle and USB dongle bundle deal. The notable design of inner earpiece brings you a greater level of comfort and ease of use in Bluetooth headset than never before. Its features include a working wireless range up to 10 meters, 5-7 hrs talk time and 150-200 hrs stand by time, voice activation and LED indicator for pairing and degree of signal.

  X-SPORT BTH-16 headset Customer Review
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สินค้ารุ่นนี้ยังมีอยุ่ไหมคะ หาซื้อได้ที่ไหน
โดย   12/12/2009 00:07:00
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อยากรู้วิธีใช้ของรุ่นนี้คะ ทำไมใช้กับมือถือโนเกียไม่ได้คะ
โดย jongrak10@hotmailcom   28/05/2009 16:38:03
Customer Review
  X-SPORT BTH-16 headset Product Specification
Product Type Bluetooth Headset
Dimensions 42*18*11 mm
Weight 9 g
High quality finish by piano paint

Talk time 5-7 hrs, Stand by 150-200 hrs

Discreet, in-ear design weights only 9 grams

Ideal for bundle phone business

Certification ready for CE, FCC, BQB, ROHS

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