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Cisco MRP3-8FXS card
Cisco MRP3-8FXS card
Cisco MRP3-8FXS card

  Cisco MRP3-8FXS card Customer Review
Customer Review
  Cisco MRP3-8FXS card Product Specification
Data Rate 56
Net Interface 8 x RJ-11
Physical Interface 1serial, async, and sync (T1/E1)
DTE Interface One integrated 56/64 Kbps, four-wire DSU/CSU)
Management Multiprotocol routing (IP, IPX, and AppleTalk); IBM/SNA; and transparent bridging over ISDN
Dimensions 26.67(H)x4.06(W)x20.96(D) (Weight 052kg)
Power Consumption 1.5A at +12V 32watts
Other Inserts as a card into universal slot within the Cisco ICS 7750 chassis
Onboard memory: 64 MB DRAM (max 128 MB)
One memory upgrade slot (options): 16, 32, and 64 MB DRAM
Onboard Flash memory: 16 MB flash SIMM (max 80 MB)
One Flash memory upgrade slot (options): 16, 32, and 64 MB flash SIMM
MRP3-8FXS contains a single PVDM-256K-8 onboard
MRP3-16FXS contains a single PVDM-256K-16 module onboard
One modular VIC/WIC slot (MRP3-8FXS only)
One PVDM module expansion slot (MRP3-8FXS only): supports 4-, 8-, 12-, 16-, and 20-channel PVDMs
Advanced data networking feature support, including:
IPsec 56 and 3DES, firewall
Supports Fax Relay, Fax Pass-Through, and Modem Pass-Through
Interoperable with Cisco MRP 200, ASI 81, and ASI 160 in same Cisco ICS 7750 chassis
Warranty 5 year

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