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Corega ADSL2 + Modem
Corega ADSL2 + Modem
Corega ADSL2 + Modem

  Corega ADSL2 + Modem Customer Review
Customer Review
  Corega ADSL2 + Modem Product Specification
Router Type ADSL Router
LAN Interface Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
Teminal Interface ADSL Modem
Max Data Rate 100 Mbps
Other High Performance Singleline ADSL Gateway (Annex A)
10/100 TX Ethernet Full Rate LAN throughput
Plug & Play Installation
Rate Adaptive in 32 Kbps Increments
SNMP, Telnet and Web-browser based management
RJ-45 Ethernet and RJ-11 ADSL Interface
Transparent Ethernet Bridge
ADSL Standards: G.992. 1/2 ADSL und G.992.5 ADSL2+

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