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HP Low Power Ethernet PC Card
HP Low Power Ethernet PC Card
HP Low Power Ethernet PC Card    
HP Low Power Ethernet PC Card

  HP Low Power Ethernet PC Card Customer Review
Customer Review
  HP Low Power Ethernet PC Card Product Specification
Mfr No EA0911-101
Accessories Type PC Card
Type Handhelds Hp Jornada 680/690 Series
Product Compatibility Hp Jornada 680/690 Series
Other The first Ethernet adapter to support Windows CE offers performance and location independence. Gary Krakow of MSNBC wrote "You have to see it to believe it." Jim Floyd, Microsoft's Handheld PC product manager, wrote "I was simply amazed by the speed... ActiveSync and Ethernet really rock!" Socket's Ethernet software can launch synchronization when the card is inserted.

Runs 10BaseT Ethernet
Includes removable cable with RJ-45 connector
Works in the PC Card slot of Windows-powered Handheld PCs and Windows 9x/NT/2000 notebooks
Synchronize, back up, browse the web and run e-mail at 10 million bits per second on Windows-powered computers
Location independent -- links a Windows-powered H/PC to a partner PC or server anywhere on the campus network
Socket's Windows CE Ethernet software initiates synchronization automatically whenever the card is inserted
Warranty 0

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