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HP RangeLAN2 7401/02 PC Card
HP RangeLAN2 7401/02 PC Card
HP RangeLAN2 7401/02 PC Card    
HP RangeLAN2 7401/02 PC Card
»Radio Data Rate 1.6 Mbps per channel, 800 Kbps fallback rate for extended range
»Range With dipole antenna:
»~500 feet (~152 m) in typical office environments
»~1000 feet (~305m) in open spaces
»With snap-on antenna:
»~400 feet (~122 m) in typical office environments
»~700 feet (~213 m) in open spaces
»Channels Supports 15 independent, non-interfering virtual channels (frequency hopping patterns)
»Power Management 300 mA transmit
»150 mA receive
»average 5 mA doze mode
»2 mA sleep mode (all are typical values)
»Certifications Meets FCC Part 15 in the U.S.; ETSI ETS 300.328 and CE EMC-EEC in Europe; applicable MKK standards in Japan
»Compatibility OpenAir-compatibility ensures interoperability with the products of more than 20 Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum (WLIF) member companies
»Warranty 1 year parts and labor (return to factory)
»Network Information
»Network Architecture Supports ad hoc peer-to-peer networks and infrastructure communication to wired Ethernet or Token Ring networks via Access and Extension Point(s)
»Drivers NDIS 3.1 (Windows 95, Windows NT);
»NDIS 2.1 (DOS, Windows for Workgroups);
»Windows CE 2.0;
»ODI 4.0 (NetWare)
»Roaming Seamless roaming
»Domains Up to 16 domains for simultaneous independent networks
»Security Twenty character alphanumeric encrypted security ID
»Installation & Diagnostics Site Survey Tool included. Surveys other wireless units and spectrum conditions, reports link quality and ping statistics to APs. Desktop icon continuously reports connection status
»Frequency Band 2.4 GHz band. Actual frequencies in use vary by country
»Radio Type Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
»Output Power 100 mW
»Voltage 5 V
»Antenna Options Dipole (1 dBi gain) or Snap-On (0 dBi gain)
»Temperature Range -20 to +60 degrees centigrade (operating)
»-20 to +65 degrees centigrade (storage)
»Humidity (Non-Condensing) 10 to 90 % typical
»Form Factor PCMCIA, Type II PC Card
»Card and Socket Services 2.1 compliant
»Weight 1.09 ounces (31 g) PC Card only
»Ordering Information
»7401 PC Card with Dipole Antenna
»7402 PC Card with Snap-on Antenna
»OEM Version Contact Proxim
»Accessories Included
»Driver and Site Survey Tool diskettes, antenna, and operating manual

  HP RangeLAN2 7401/02 PC Card Customer Review
Customer Review
  HP RangeLAN2 7401/02 PC Card Product Specification
Mfr No -
Accessories Type PCMCIA
Type Handhelds Hp Jornada 680/690 Series
Product Compatibility Hp Jornada 680/690 Series
Other Wirefree Connectivity Gives You the Freedom to Roam
The RangeLAN2 7400 PC Card is a high performance wirefree networking adapter designed to meet the needs of mobile users who require continuous LAN connectivity. It delivers an optimal combination of range, throughput, and low power consumption. It's the perfect solution for users of laptop PCs, Windows CE™ devices, and all other devices with standard Type II PCMCIA slots.

Imagine being able to take your laptop or palmtop anywhere in your workplace with unbroken network connectivity. Scan your email while listening to a lecture. Call up an important file during a meeting. Use the web to verify a crucial fact. With the RangeLAN2 7400 PC Card and a RangeLAN2 network backbone in place in your facility, this is already reality for thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Power Management That Keeps You On the Move
With Marathon Power Management, the RangeLAN2 7400 PC Card keeps you mobile longer. In most applications, when your device is neither transmitting nor receiving but needs to be network aware, the 7400 slips into doze mode, greatly reducing current draw.The 7400 also features the industry's lowest transmit (300 mA) and receive (150 mA) power consumption.

Dependability You Can Count On
RangeLAN2 leads the industry in installations with nearly 1 million units installed worldwide. And no wonder why. Proxim RangeLAN2 technology is popular because of it's reliability- this technology plain works. Whether your wirefree network needs to link an office of ten, or you need thousands of people connected in an area the size of a football field, you can be confident there is already a RangeLAN2 installation out there doing just that. Whether it's laptops, Windows CE handheld PCs, desktops or specialized equipment for your business, they all benefit from wirefree mobile computing. And since the RangeLAN2 7400 fully complies with the OpenAir™ standard, connectivity and interoperability is guaranteed with all OpenAir-certified products from over twenty companies who belong to the Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum (WLI Forum).

Standard Drivers and Software Tools for Easy Network Installation
Proxim's unique Site Survey software is provided with each unit to enable fast and easy wirefree network design and installation. With drivers for all major operating systems, the RangeLAN2 7400 quickly becomes a natural wireless extension to your existing Ethernet or Token Ring network.

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