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HP WaveLAN IEEE 802.11 PC Card (Bronze)
HP WaveLAN IEEE 802.11 PC Card (Bronze)
HP WaveLAN IEEE 802.11 PC Card (Bronze)    
HP WaveLAN IEEE 802.11 PC Card (Bronze)

  HP WaveLAN IEEE 802.11 PC Card (Bronze) Customer Review
Customer Review
  HP WaveLAN IEEE 802.11 PC Card (Bronze) Product Specification
Mfr No -
Accessories Type PCMCIA
Type Handhelds Hp Jornada 680/690 Series
Product Compatibility Hp Jornada 680/690 Series
Other WaveLAN IEEE 802.11 PC Card (Bronze)

Instant Wireless Network Connectivity for Your Mobile Computing Needs
You need fast, dependable access to information -- whether you're at your desk or on the move. Now, with the WaveLAN IEEE PC Card, you can enjoy the freedom of mobile computing and reliable wireless access to your Local Area Network (LAN).
Designed for today's powerful laptops, hand-held computers and other mobile devices, the WaveLAN/PC Card delivers the same instant, high performance connectivity as wired systems plus the freedom to move around your building or campus. It gives you:

Complete mobility
Building-wide coverage
Fault redundancy in case of access point failure
WaveLAN IEEE 802.11 PC Card Benefits
Superior delay spread robustness
WaveLAN IEEE products have a superior delay spread compared with other Wireless LAN products. This enables WaveLAN radios to function in larger environments such as large warehouses, manufacturing environments and department stores, because the WaveLAN IEEE system is more robust.
Superior receiver sensitivity
The receiver sensitivity of the WaveLAN IEEE products offers superior coverage. This means that the WaveLAN IEEE system requires fewer access points in the wireless infrastructure, reducing the overall cost of the system.

Investment protection
Lucent's IEEE strategy is based on its unique dual radio design for the WavePOINT-II. The migration path makes sure that the investments of customers in current WaveLAN products are protected. WavePOINT-II offers a smooth migration path to IEEE compliant products and higher speed technology.

Small Form Factor
Its smaller form factor facilitates integration into mobile and hand held platforms, while its low power consumption improves host platform battery life. The WaveLAN/PC Card also provides software download support to simplify future functionality updates and 5.0V support for multiple host platform power supply options. An external antenna connector allows you to add an external antenna when a different antenna location or a range extension is required.

IEEE 802.11 compliant
The WaveLAN/ PC Card fully complies with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 standard for wireless LANs to give you complete multi-vendor interoperability. It features:

Increased message reliability and more robust interference management via Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) with Acknowledge.

Guaranteed quality of service through eliminating lost messages as a result of "hidden node" collisions using Request to Send/Clear to Send (RTS/CTS) mechanism.

Increased performance reliability (the system will always work, but at lower data rates) and choice of network design (user can choose coverage & cost or performance) through Automatic Rate Selection (ARS).

Improved resilience to interference.

Increased network capacity and performance via seamless, multi-channel roaming.

Advanced Security though Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)*
*Note: Available in IEEE PC Card (SILVER)

Trouble-free management with Site Survey Tools

To give you real-time information on the quality of communications, Lucent Technologies has developed the WaveMANAGERฎ/CLIENT Site Survey tool. Based on Windows software, this software set includes a Communications Indicator and Site monitor as well as Link Test functionality.
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