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HP GSM-Ready 56K PC Card Modem
HP GSM-Ready 56K PC Card Modem
HP GSM-Ready 56K PC Card Modem    
HP GSM-Ready 56K PC Card Modem

  HP GSM-Ready 56K PC Card Modem Customer Review
Customer Review
  HP GSM-Ready 56K PC Card Modem Product Specification
Mfr No -
Accessories Type PC Card
Type Handhelds Hp Jornada 680/690 Series
Product Compatibility Hp Jornada 680/690 Series
Other Fasten your seatbelts! 56K gives a turbo boost to data transmission. Thanks to 56K technology: your fifth gear in the race against time
Ease of use

Make yourself at ease. With the GSM-Ready 56K PC Card modem it's plug & play.

A Wide Range of Applications

The Option GSM-Ready 56 PC Card will prove to be an invaluable ally to you whatever your mobile communication needs:

Transfer data at rates up to 112Kbps thanks to V.42bis data compression.

Supporting Fax Class I and II the Option 56K PC Card is compatible to all major fax software and devices.

Use the WAPMan to wap to the internet via your cellular phone. The WAPMan is a portable browsing device, combining access to the internet with the properties of a mobile phone
Use the SMS function to send, read and edit Short Messages on your PC instead of your GSM display.

Multi-Handset Capability

Don't worry where you are: Option connects you to the world. You can plug your GSM-Ready 56K modem onto more than 40 different mobile phones , and any PC or PDA (PC Card slot required) around the world. On the road, around the world: it's the true ally of the global businessman.

Compatibility throughout the world

The Option GSM-Ready 56K PC Card supports roaming capabilities for world-wide use and conforms to the international GSM-900, DCS-1800 and PCS-1900 (GSM North-America) standards.

The Option GSM-Ready 56K modem is fuelled with ITU V.90: one of the world's fastest standards, from an industry-leading chipset manufacturer. Does it need to be said that the GSM-Ready 56K modem is upgradable to K56flex?

Comprehensive Guarantee

The Option GSM-Ready 56K PC Card is backed by limited warranty
Warranty 0

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