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HP FirstFone
HP FirstFone
HP FirstFone    
HP FirstFone

  HP FirstFone Customer Review
Customer Review
  HP FirstFone Product Specification
Mfr No -
Accessories Type PCMCIA
Type Handhelds Hp Jornada 680/690 Series
Product Compatibility Hp Jornada 680/690 Series
Other Undoubtedly, this is Option’s most exciting product. FirstFone has lived up to its promises and is on its way to become a success. Key players such as major IT vendors, network operators and system integrators have shown a huge interest in this product, since it combines the power of mobile wireless data and a mobile phone onto one single PC Card.

FirstFone is a 2W radio type PC Card for GSM 900 networks in a type II PC Card format.

Positioned as a tool for the mobile work force, FirstFone eliminates the need for a mobile phone, opening a lot of applications for large corporate, such as remote email, web browsing, accessing corporate networks and databases, etc…

On the other side FirstFone is targeted at the vertical market for integration into vending machines, telemetry equipment, navigation systems, etc… Option assures a full back up for System Integrators, giving absolute peace of mind to go ahead with your projects.

Radio Card for GSM 900

FirstFone is more than just a mobile phone designed for mobile data communications. Shaped as a Type II PC Card for GSM-900 networks, it is the ultimate tool for the mobile road warrior that wants to stay in touch. Data, fax, SMS and PhoneBook on a single device that is compatible with today's software and people ! Equiped with a 2W radio, FirstFone will not let you down, indoors or way out in the field.


Thanks to Option's Technological Advanced Power System (T.A.P.S) , the FirstFone power consumption is optimized and reduced to an absolute minimum. T.A.P.S allows you to be connected longer while on the move and offers full mobility and independence. Because of the optimized power consumption, FirstFone can also be used in handheld devices.

FirstFone Software

Included with FirstFone comes FirstFone Software for Windows 95/98. It allows you to select and monitor the network, manage your SMS's and PhoneBook. It gives you the full features of a GSM mobile phone and all the comforts that come with mobile data communications. Also included is a comprehensive fax software that offers hassle-free faxing from where ever you are. Both sending and receiving of faxes have never been easier!

In combination with a headset, FirstFone becomes a mobile phone that extends your independence even further.

Together with the included FirstFone Software and a headset you can make and receive voice calls from anywhere in the world to anybody in the world. Store all your contacts in a phone book, so they're just one click away.

Use WAPMan to wap to the internet via FirstFone. WAPman is a portable browsing device, combining access to the internet with the properties of a mobile phone.

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