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HP HP Palmtop Leather Case
HP HP Palmtop Leather Case
»Hewlett Packard provides its customers with a full range of accessories and guaranties high quality and high dependability.
»Enjoy style and protection without adding a lot of bulk! This slim leather case is a simple yet elegant home for your 300 Series Palmtop PC. Your Palmtop is held in a zippered clam shell and has pockets for credit cards, pens and a notebook. The Leather Case for the 300/320LX protects your PDA from all the abuse it's likely to take on the road. Your PDA will become one of your most important tools, so keep it protected

  HP HP Palmtop Leather Case Customer Review
Customer Review
  HP HP Palmtop Leather Case Product Specification
Accessories Type Case
Description Handheld carrying case
Warranty 0

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