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Jabra BT250v
Jabra BT250v
Jabra BT250v
»Bluetooth version 1.1 specifications
»Bluetooth headset and hands-free profiles
»Operating range: Up to 30 feet
»Talk time: Up to 7h
»Stand-by time: Up to 200h

  Jabra BT250v Customer Review
Customer Review
  Jabra BT250v Product Specification
Accessories Type Bluetooth Headset
Other Bluetooth version 1.1 specifications
Bluetooth headset and hands-free profiles
Operating range: Up to 30 feet
Talk time: Up to 7h
Stand-by time: Up to 200h
Weight (headset): 0.8oz.
Dimensions (headset): 0.5 x 2.375 x 4in.
Microphone: Uni-directional
Battery type: Rechargeable lithium polymer
Typical Charging Time: 2 hours
Pairing passkey or PIN: 0000
Materials (headset casing):
Primarily thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate plastics.
Materials (MiniGel):
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic
Supported special features:
Vibrating call alertCall transferLast number redialVoice activated dialing
Warranty 1 ปี

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