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Samsung Digimax 200
Samsung Digimax 200
Samsung Digimax 200
»Various Modes
»The Digimax 200 allows you to capture high quality images anywhere, anytime.
»Still image mode / Play mode / Movie clip mode / PC mode / Setup mode
»Fashion Content Design
»The unique two tone colored and compact ergonomic design developed by the Samsung design center which has released several best design compact cameras for a several decades.
»User friendly operation
»Designed exclusively for your convenience
». A convenient Mode Dial
». A TFT LCD monitor and a separate status LCD
». Easy-to-operate 4 function buttons
»Programmed Correction of Exposure
»The Digimax 200 automatically adjusts exposure according to various shooting conditions, and exposure can also be adjusted using a separate programmable exposure compensation.
»Storage Driver
»Digimax 200 recognized as a removable disk, and you can store or transfer images, as well as other files, between PC and Camera. There is no need to open a specific program. Just drag the images from the camera and drop them in the desired certain folder in your PC.
»Date Imprinting
»Date and Time can be printed on the image (Date & Time, Date, Off selectable)
»Multiple Language Support
»English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean.

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Customer Review
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