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IQBoard IQBoard PS 80
IQBoard IQBoard PS 80
IQBoard IQBoard PS 80
»Interactive ฺBoard IQBoard PS 80"
»ใช้ระบบ Resistive ซึ่งสามารถใช้ Finger , Stylus หรืออุปกรณ์ Pointer อื่นๆเขียนและสั่งงานได้
»ความละเอียด 9600 x 9600 , 600 dpi
»ผิวกระดานทำจาก polyester-based plastic ป้องกันหยดน้ำได้ ทำความสะอาดได้ง่ายและไม่เป็นสีเหลืองเมื่อใช้งานไปเป็นระยะเวลานาน
»ขนาด 170 x 129 x 385 cm
»Active Screen Area W161.3 x H120.3 cm
»น้ำหนัก 20.65 kg

  IQBoard IQBoard PS 80 Customer Review
Customer Review
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  IQBoard IQBoard PS 80 Product Specification
Board Type Interactive Whiteboard
Other Digitizing Technology : Resistive, allow one to use finger, stylus, or any other pointing device to write and operate on board.

Touch resolution : 9600×9600, 600 dpi .

Precision : ±0.05mm .

Responding rate : Signal tracking rate: 5m/s, Signal

processing rate: 480 dot/s.

Sensing pressure : ≥10g

Sensing height : 0cm, zero false detection when the surface is not touched.

Mouse function : The double-click function can be performed with ease or achieved through single-click. The right-click function can be achieved by pressing on board for 2 seconds.

Calibration : 4 points, 9 points, 20 points.

Anti-interference capability : Excellent, can resist any electromagnetic interference and optical interference.

Power supply : Power is obtained from the computer directly through the USB cable. The wireless type need to obtain power from wall outlet.

Power consumption : ≤1W

Front sheet : Made from polyester-based plastic, which is tear proof, optimized for both projection and writing, easily cleaned, and will not degrade or yellow after long-time usage. Small tears or marks on the surface will not interfere with the operation of the interactive whiteboard. Dry-erase markers support is optional.

Backboard : Adopt robust aluminum honeycomb material. Resistant to distortion, expansion and shrinkage. The service life can reach 10 years.

Size : 80" (4:3)

PC connection : Provide 10M USB cable for PC connection. Provide optional USB extender for connecting USB cable with another 15m network cable. Provide optional 2.4G radio frequency wireless module for wireless connection within 25M.

Hotkeys : Optional. Can provide 14 hotkeys on both sides of whiteboard surface to achieve certain frequently used functions. The functions of some keys can be customized.
Pen tray : Optional

Mounting : Wall mounting or stand mounting (height can be adjusted from 1.85m to2.2m)

Operating system : Windows XP/2003/Vista, Linux, Mac 10.X
Software : IQBoard Software V4.X, IQBoard Resource Library. Click here to learn more about IQBoard Software.

Accessories : 2 colorless writing pens, 1 wall mounting suite, 1 installation CD (include drivers, IQBoard Software and IQBoard Resource Library). 2 optional black marker pens for dry-erase type.

Operation and storage environment : Temperature: -40℃ to 60℃; Humidity: 0% to 95%

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