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Creative PlayWorks PS2000digital
Creative PlayWorks PS2000digital
Creative PlayWorks PS2000digital
»Creative PlayWork PS2000 digital ประกอบด้วย Satellite และ Subwoofer อย่างละ 1 ตัว
»Satellite มีกำลังขับเสียง 10 Watts
»Subwoofer มีกำลัฃขับเสียง 12 Watts
»สนับสนุนความถี่เสียงที่ระหว่าง 45Hz -20 kHz
»สนับสนุนช่องสัญญาณ Digital Input SPDIF
»Satellite มีขนาด 184 x 175 x 135 mm
»Subwoofer มีขนาด 190 x 193 x 272 mm

  Creative PlayWorks PS2000digital Customer Review
Customer Review
  Creative PlayWorks PS2000digital Product Specification
Frequecy Response Range (KHz) 45Hz - 20KHz
Ac Power Supply Built-in
USB Compatible ไม่มี
Number of Subwoofer 1
Subwoofer Output Power (watts) 12 วัตต์
Subwoofer Dimension (WxDxH,mm) 190 × 193 x 272 mm
Number of satellite 1
Satellite Output Power (Watts) 10 วัตต์
Other Support experience thrilling digital surround sound when gaming on your PlayStation™ 2 console
Support highly accurate virtual 5.1 acoustic surround sound field using patented Stereo Dipole™ technology
Support subwoofer with built-in Dolby Digital® Digital decoder provides personalized home-theatre quality audio in movies and games
Support creative multi speaker surround™ (CMSS)™ upmixes stereo sources to sensational surround sound for movies and games
Support wireless remote control for easy selection of different modes and volume adjustment
Support portable compact speaker solution makes it convenient for travel
Support ease of connectivity and non-messy wiring with fewer wires
Support compact and elegant industrial design, ideal for placing on top of TV or monitor
Support experience surround sound on EAX™ and Microsoft® DirectSound® 3D supported games when combined with the Sound Blaster Live!™ series

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