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Shenzhen Horn HH-5109
Shenzhen Horn HH-5109
Shenzhen Horn HH-5109

  Shenzhen Horn HH-5109 Customer Review
Customer Review
  Shenzhen Horn HH-5109 Product Specification
Frequecy Response Range (KHz) 20-20kHz
Number of Subwoofer 1
Subwoofer Output Power (watts) 17W
Number of satellite 5
Satellite Output Power (Watts) 7W
Other Features:
1) Rated power: 17W + 7W x 5
2) Frequency responding: 20-20kHz
3) SNR: ≥85dB
4) Distortion: ≤0.5%
5) Input signal: 1.1V
6) Speaker: 5.25" + 1" + 3"
7) This series of products include one sub woofer and five pieces of cylindrical
satellite audio amplifier, for VCD, DVD and computer
8) Wooden audio speaker, the modeling is elegant appearance, bass is plump
9) The tone quality is clear, digital remote control type volume control, 5.1 sound
channels stereo surround system operation is simple
10) Steady performance

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