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Haoda Family Video 02
Haoda Family Video 02
Haoda Family Video 02

  Haoda Family Video 02 Customer Review
Customer Review
  Haoda Family Video 02 Product Specification
Other The wooden speaker boxes of this system provide better sound reproduction
compared with their plastic counterparts in similarly priced systems. Moreover,
their light color warmly complements the furnishings of the house.

1) Fashionable and simple appearance design luxury aluminum and gold
panel outside radiator, crystal steel glass machine cover
2) Standard AC-3 real 6 track independent output
3) Twelve professional power tube strong output
4) Advanced zero flow, high acceleration, overflow, short-circuit protection
5) High-efficiency low leakage magnetism pairs of ring type voltage
6) Professional karaoke circle design
7) The air convection of one pair of fans inside

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