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Creative I-TRIGUE 3300
Creative I-TRIGUE 3300
Creative I-TRIGUE 3300
»ช่วงความถี่ของเสียงอยู่ในช่วง30Hz to 20kHz
»กำลังขับของลำโพงซับวูเฟอร์คือ 25W
»ขนาดของลำโพงซับวูเฟอร์คือ24.5 x 26.5 x 24.2
»พลังขับของลำโพงแซทเทิลไลท์ 9W
»ขนาดของลำโพงแซทเทิลไลท์ 4.4 x 8.4 x 21.2

  Creative I-TRIGUE 3300 Customer Review
Customer Review
  Creative I-TRIGUE 3300 Product Specification
Frequecy Response Range (KHz) 30Hz to 20kHz
Ac Power Supply 220 โวลต์
Number of Subwoofer 1
Subwoofer Output Power (watts) 25W
Subwoofer Dimension (WxDxH,mm) 24.5 x 26.5 x 24.2
Number of satellite 2
Satellite Output Power (Watts) 9W
Satallite Dimension (WxDxH,mm) 4.4 x 8.4 x 21.2
Other Each speaker is designed with three high-precision NeoTitanium™ micro drivers capable of delivering a sonic accuracy that speakers with Aluminum drivers are unable to
Incredible sound clarity for all your PC audio entertainment
Ultra sleek speakers with removable grilles that look stunning on your desktop and with your PC monitor or notebook
Attractive solid die-cast alloy metal design provides a modern touch to any desktop, while ensuring speaker stability
Powerful wood subwoofer features a 6.5" long-throw driver and a dual flared port tube for clean, room-shaking bass
Wide frequency response from 30Hz ~ 20kHz for a clean range of lows, mids and highs
Wired remote with power/volume/bass control and a headphones jack for private listening
Complements any flat panel monitor, notebook, CD or MP3 player

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