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Chuphotic VNS-1050
Chuphotic VNS-1050
Chuphotic VNS-1050
»กำลังไฟขาออกคือ 220V±1%
»ความถี่แรงดันไฟเข้าเท่ากับ 45.5Hz-54Hz
»Number of Batteries : 12V/7.5Ahx 3
»Battery Voltage: 36Vdc
»ขนาดของเครื่อง 14.5x40x22
»น้ำหนัก 11.5

  Chuphotic VNS-1050 Customer Review
Customer Review
  Chuphotic VNS-1050 Product Specification
Nominal Output Voltage (Volt) 220V±1%
Input Frequency 45.5Hz-54Hz
Dimensions 14.5x40x22
Weight (Kg) 11.5
Other Voltage Range Half load : 120-300Vac , Full load 165-276Vac
Voltage: 220V±1%
Frequency : 50Hz ±0.2%
Efficiency: >85% (Full load)
Total Harmonic Distortion : Sine wave, <3% (Linear Load) , <5% (Non-Linear Load)
Transfer Time: Zero Transfer
Overload Capability :120%-130% automatically to Bypass after 10 Min.
Battery Protection : Low battery shutdown
Output Short Circuit : Automatically Shutdown
UPS Abnormal : Continuous beep and red LED on
Input L-N-G Warning : Line LED blink and Alarm
Noise Filter: EMI / RFI , full time suppression <-55 dB
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