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Lumens DC-190
Lumens DC-190
Lumens DC-190
»ระบบการซูมภาพแบบ5.5X Optical,8X Digital

  Lumens DC-190 Customer Review
Customer Review
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  Lumens DC-190 Product Specification
Frame Rate 30fps
Zoom Control 5.5X Optical,8X Digital
Focusing Auto/Manual
Light Source (Lamp) 2 lamps for completely even light coverage
White Balance Auto/Manual
Image mode Auto Tune : Yes, single button to adjust for best possible images
Auto Exposure : Yes
Photo/Text Mode : Choose photo/grayscale/text mode
Image Mode : Choose normal/35mm slide/microscope/negative film
Image Capture : Single capturing of images to built-in memory,
or to a computer via USB, or to a USB drive
Video Recording : One-touch, Video recording and playback with audio from built-in microphone
Picture In Picture (PIP) : Yes
Freeze : Yes
Slide Show : Automatically or manually
Annotation : Yes, Annotation with or without a computer
Image rotation 90°, 180°, 270°
Shooting Area(Maximum) 357x315mm
Input Terminals VGA In : Active pass through from the computer
Audio In : Built-in microphone
USB Support : USB 2.0 High Speed (up to 480 Mbps) for seamless integration with interactive whiteboards
RS-232 : Yes
C-Video : RCA Jack (PAL, NTSC)
Output Terminals VGA Out : VGA output to the projector
Audio Out : 3.5mm phone jack for earphones or speakers
Power source 100-240V AC
Dimensions In Operation 279 x 152.4x 279 mm(L x W x H)
Dimension Folded 177.8 x 152.4x 279 mm(L x W x H)
Weight 2.3kg

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